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Living Lightly is a forum about voluntary simplicity. The way I define voluntary simplicity is deciding to live with less of the things that aren’t really necessary to make a comfortable life. These things are not the same for everyone because not everyone is the same. It’s not about “doing without,” it’s about finding out what is really important to you and focusing on those things instead.


1. Debate is encouraged. Ridicule is definitely not. Discuss the issue. Do not engage in personal attacks.
2. Behavior that is considered annoying or rude is also grounds for warnings, and removal from the community
3. Please try to refrain from infringements on international copyright laws (as best we understand them).
4. Spam (to be defined as unsolicited advertisements by non-regular members and will result in the poster being accurately called a 'Spammer') and posts that are solely proselytizing in nature (for any religion) are not allowed. Coming to the community solely to make trouble will not be tolerated.
5. Herbal advice should be issued with the most conservative of outlooks towards contraindications. Herbs are drugs, and natural does not equal safe. Any advice should not be implemented without first checking with a qualified health care professional.

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