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Cool trash experiment

Hi, me again.

NPR's Marketplace has a host carrying around (almost) all her non-recyclable trash for two weeks, with the goal of zero waste by the end of the challenge.


It's been going on for four or five days, but I decided just now that I'm going to try it too. It should be interesting.


Hello? Hello? Anyone here?

I really like the posts I've read in this community, even if they are infrequent. I think it would be wonderful to pick it up a little. I am very much into simplicity, and I don't have anyone I can talk to about it (late-night re-googling of old search words is not as good as conversation!). Even my most alternative friend, a vegetarian pagan environmentalist farmer, does not get excited about simplicity. I would love to share this with someone. A few points to mention for your enjoyment.

1. Quakers. If you don't know about them, find out. Simplicity has long been part of Quaker tradition, as evidenced by the almost-extinct plain dress. Which, by the way, does not require black or old-fashioned cut. For Quaker simplicity, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testimony_of_Simplicity. For plain dress, http://quakerjane.com/index.php?fuseaction=plain_dress. and also the "About plain modern" link.

2. The Little Brown Dress Project. http://www.littlebrowndress.com/ This woman wore the same dress, accessorized, every day for a year to give a little FU to fashion. The next year, she wore only clothes that she made or altered herself. Including underwear.

I noticed a while back members listed items they brought into their homes. Last year I also had a habit of listing in my journal the things I bought or brought. Unfortunately, I really enjoy getting things that are neat/attractive/cool/perfect for my personality, and getting them for a steal at Goodwill. At the same time, I have frequently uttered the phrase "I hate possessions." I try very hard to send out of my home an amount comparable to what I brought in. Belongings, even if well-organized and not actually physically clutter, clutter my mind. They frustrate me. I need simplicity. In Feng Shui terms, belongings screw up my Chi, I suppose.

Things I would like to try:
Something akin to the little brown dress project.
Making my own unders and cut-and-seamed socks.
Bathroom wipes in place of TP.
No microwave/TV (alas, they belong to my roommate).

All I can think of for now.

The Leaping Bunny!

In case people don’t know about it already.


Yay for animal free testing!

New American Dream

Found this site last night and thought others might be interested in it as well.