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I am making a green "to do" list and I want to switch over to a green energy tariff for my electricity.  Does anyone know anything about the ones operating in the UK?  How to choose?  How we know they are doing what they say they are doing?  Are there any drawbacks to choosing green electricity?

Also, anyone living in the colder parts of the world have any experience with domestic solar panels?  One of my friends who works for an energy company tells me it would be difficult to make it work at our house because our main sloping roof sections face east and west, rather than south.

All info gratefully received.



Dec. 10th, 2007 11:58 am (UTC)
One thing you might want to consider is a solar powered domestic hot water system. They are a bit more flexible as to where the pannels are set up and the cost to bennifit ratio is better than trying to use Solar pannels to generate electricity.

Here is Nova Scotia, Thermodynamics makes a nice system. You can look at their webpage to get an idea of what they are about and then find a manufacture in your area.

There have been some pretty unscruplous manufactures, so it's worth while to talk to previous customers to ensure the performance is what you are hoping for.