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I am making a green "to do" list and I want to switch over to a green energy tariff for my electricity.  Does anyone know anything about the ones operating in the UK?  How to choose?  How we know they are doing what they say they are doing?  Are there any drawbacks to choosing green electricity?

Also, anyone living in the colder parts of the world have any experience with domestic solar panels?  One of my friends who works for an energy company tells me it would be difficult to make it work at our house because our main sloping roof sections face east and west, rather than south.

All info gratefully received.



Dec. 9th, 2007 07:09 pm (UTC)
Solar panels are brilliant - BUT they must be correctly positioned, and will only produce as per how much solar energy they receive. So it sounds to me like your friend knows what they are talking about. It's also a system that one must fully understand as it does require on-going maintenance, meaning it's not something you set up and forget!

I live in an alternative isolated community in New Zealand and a number of people here have solar. It is essential to have back up means for the winter, and even a poor summer - wind turbine, hydro, wood stove, lpg or even mains.

Do a google search as there is a HUGE amount of info online :)