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August 1st, 2009

Soap nuts and crystal stone deodorant

I made an amazing discovery recently. Soap nuts! Nuts that grow on trees that you can wash your clothes with.

They make your clothes smell fresher and nicer than any branded detergent, and it's great knowing that you're not using some mass/factory-produced powder (also good if you suffer from eczema like I do). I've been re-using them and they seem to last a good few washes, so they're actually cheaper than detergent too (£4.99 for a bag of around 100). They're quite curious things, I love them and am glad I heard about them. My mum picked up a catalogue from a company called Wikaniko who're based up in Newcastle in the UK, and now she's acting as a distributor for them. They sell all sorts of eco-friendly products.

Another great item is a natural deodorant stone, made of crystal rock. You just add water and it rolls on. So much better than the shop-bought products, just feels healthier, cleaner. And the write-up says that the stone lasts a year, maybe longer, if you take care of it. Again, this cost £5, which is going to save me about £20 a year.

The deodorant stone says:

Natural mineral salt
No animal testing
No Parabens]No Aluminium Chlorohydrate

which is all excellent news.

Here's how the natural deodorant stone looks:

These are two really good ways of helping the environment, so I just though it would be of relevance to post and inform others. If you are interested in Wikaniko eco-friendly products, the web link I have for the products is:


There is also a free allotment e-magazine, which has given me loads of great tips for my gardening. And there are some bargain cheap seeds for sale too, starting at £0.99p.