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Revitalizing our ideals

After some personal problems over the last 2 years, I got burned out with trying to be green in a world where so many others seem determined not to be.

I'm trying to get going again, and I'm back on LJ after a hiatus, so I figured I'd try to drum up some talking here.

My hubby is ok with the idea of using less, but he still tends to think of recycling as feel-good bunko. I need to call the city services and refresh my memory on what the city does with their recyclables so I can present him with some encouraging ideas, instead of trying to fish the recycleable stuff out of the trash when he throws it in there.

Also, how do you deal with your garbage and recycling till it goes out to the curb? I think part of my discouragement is that the trash and recyclables are in bins in the open in the kitchen, and just look unsightly. I'd love to find some closed bins that look nicer. Anyone ever seen a two compartment bin that isn't horribly expensive?


Oct. 1st, 2008 12:49 am (UTC)
I have thought about just banishing everything to the garage, but I'm afraid of "out of sight out of mind"!